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RETURN POLICY - Updated 03/2024


A return must be requested within 5 days of the product(s)/item(s) being delivered to the shipping address on the order. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information you provide for the order prior to submitting an order. You are liable for all shipping costs related to delivery and return of an item except in the case of receiving the incorrect item. If you receive an incorrect item we are liable for cost and shipment of the replacement item(s). A refund can only be issued after we confirm the accuracy of your reason for the refund. All returns can be sent to 

Ultra Plus Unlimited, LLC
PO Box 1016
Sun Prairie, WI 53590 
Attn: Returns 

If the product(s)/item(s) are damaged/defective or is of poor quality upon delivery, a refund may be given. After an incorrect or damaged product(s)/item(s) is returned a refund may be issued OR upon your request the correct item will be delivered to you instead. If you do not send us the item within 10days of your request being approved, you will not receive a refund or replacement of any kind. At that time we will inform you via email that the order is no longer eligible for refunds or replacements.


All Gift card sales are final and cannot be refunded.

A monetary refund will typically be the amount you spent on the item/product and will not include the shipping or tax given for the item/product at time of purchase. Any monetary refund may be issued in gift card form.

You are not entitled to a refund or replacement of any kind. A request can be given by you and we may choose to accept or reject it at our discretion. You grant us permission to contact you via email when the return is accepted, rejected, or we require more information regarding your request. 


Below is a breakdown of the acceptable reasons for a return. Each acceptable reason has requirements and expectations that must be met. If you are unable to sufficiently satisfy requirements, you are not entitled to any refund or replacement of any kind. Your request may be subject to rejection. 

The item or product you received was not functioning as intended by the manufacturer.

The item or product was visibly broken or damaged.
Picture required.

Poor Quality
Full refund.
You return the item by mail.

The quality of the item or product did not meet your standards.
Picture not required.

Incorrect item
The item you ordered does not match the item delivered to the shipping address you provided.
You return the item by mail.

Return shipping cost will be refunded.

Correct item will be sent AFTER incorrect item is returned. 

Picture required.

Accidental Purchase
Return not required.
Full, partial, or no refund may be issued at our sole discretion.

Picture not required.


For any reason at our sole discretion, we may choose to reject your request. If we do reject your request we will notify you of the reason. All rejections are final. If you submit multiple requests for the same order, they will be ignored or rejected. The order may also be ineligible for a return or refund of any kind if multiple return requests are submitted for the same order.  

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