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Crafted Vibe is a music channel that primarily offers techno industrial music. Inspired by retro RTS games the genre fits well for a workout or on-the-job music. 


Kali is our up-and-coming AI influencer. Intended to help promote our brand and partners. 


Here you can find a selection of branded clothing and "swag". All items are tested and approved by the owner BEFORE it's offered.


Site 37


Animated series - Coming Soon!

Floating in space


As we grow we will embark on new things. Sign up to stay in the loop!

Conference Room

Taste Of You is a channel that aims at providing tips and information for personal development. Also perfect as background noise for any occasion. 


Looking for a 3D printing service? No order is too small. 


Become a partner with us. Helping each other's brand and audience grow!

Business Team

Video Game

Video game - Coming soon!

Astronaut on Alien Planet
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